Scott Raup Photography

Scott Raup has always worked in a creative way starting from when he first picked up a trumpet at the age of 5 to when he became a professional musician, also in graphic design and videography, and now as a fine art photographer. His style is always striving to capture unique perspectives, amazing light, and dramatic details of landscapes. It’s not a surprise to find him out after midnight trying to capture the Milky Way in the dark night sky or well before the sun comes up getting ready for that golden light. He uses different techniques in his photography but is always looking to push the boundaries and will often combine many new and old techniques to capture that perfect image. That style has also led him to bring new tools into his arsenal with drone photography to offer an even more diverse perspective on natural landscapes. Scott is based out of Richmond, VA but his photography also includes the mountains of Tennessee and beaches of North Carolina, which feel like second homes for him and his wife. Places like these always remind him of why he continues to photograph, because the beauty of natural landscapes are unmistakably all around us and he enjoys sharing these perspectives and moments with people through his images.